At Sustainability Matters® we develop and drive sustainable solutions for businesses, communities, and government agencies.

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Sustainability Matters®

Who We Are

At Sustainability Matters…

We drive innovation.
We advocate for a regenerative culture.
We build sustainable solutions for businesses, communities and government agencies.

Our Team:
Kristen Victor | Marsha Wooden | Licia Angino | Darryl King | Anne Middleton | Dorothee LienhartAimee Salvensky

What We Do

Sustainability Matters work is complimented best as part of a team. We serve a wide-range of clients, including communities, businesses, developers, and government agencies.

Our areas of expertise include:
Energy conservation strategies  |  Energy reduction technologies  |  Water conservation strategies  |  Water reduction and reuse technologies  |  Regulatory and Policy framework  |  Low carbon logistics

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How We Do It

Sustainability Matters critically analyzes data relating to emerging technologies through an internal “qualifying criteria” lens. We engage our extraordinary clients with a consultative team approach, providing resources, information, technical and economic modeling.

We lead by defining project goals, and we guide the innovative approach to occupant and building optimization. Our solutions hold all of us, and our ecosystem, at the forefront.

Our favorite areas to work in include:
Human Comfort and Productivity | Energy and Water Conservation | Strategic Integration of Innovative Technologies | Thoughtful Policy Framework | Building a Sustainable Future For All Generations

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