Examples of our clients:

  • An architectural firm researching sustainable materials and technologies and seeking further guidance on sustainability claims, proven results and valuable resources.
  • An MEP engineering firm searching for innovative strategies relating to energy and water efficiency.
  • A developer currently integrating sustainable practices and looking to enhance its efforts and remain current on innovative strategies and technologies.
  • A contractor building an academic institution to LEED Platinum standards needing to earn EA (Energy & Atmosphere, WE (Water Efficiency) and MR (Materials & Resources) points with SBA set aside requirements.
  • A commercial property owner looking to reduce tenant energy usage and costs.

Examples of our producers:

  • An active daylighting technology providing diffused natural sunlight for up to 10 hours a day, reducing artifical lighting and energy usage.
  • A bio-based phase change material that absorbs and releases heat at pre-set temperatures reducing HVAC usage by up to 35%.
  • A lightweight concrete tile manufacturer reclaiming scrap concrete, glass and industrial waste materials for interior and exterior tile and slab applications.
  • A decentralized gray and blackwater recycling solution for large commercial and residential community applications.
  • A lighting manufacturer, producing in the USA with 70% local recycled e-waste plastic.
  • An EXIT signage manufacturer, using “glow in the dark” technology for non-electrical connected egress markings.