Fine-tuning sustainable buildings at Taylor Guitars headquarters

For Taylor Guitars, one of the world’s most widely respected acoustic guitar manufacturers, sustainability is a core value.

Taylor produces more than 700 guitars a day, many of which are made from tropical hardwoods such as Indian rosewood, ebony and mahogany. Taylor has adopted robust, proactive policies to ensure these special woods continue to grow in perpetuity, going so far as to acquire its own ebony sawmill in Cameroon. Taylor’s improvements in sustainable and ethical business practices in Cameroon led Secretary of State John Kerry to recognize the company with the Award for Corporate Excellence in 2014.

Taylor is now taking its sustainable efforts a step further by working with Sustainability Matters to reduce energy usage and increase occupant comfort at its global headquarters in El Cajon, California. Experts from Sustainability Matters have helped Taylor fine-tune an energy efficiency strategy that includes tracking baseline thermal loads, administering occupant surveys to get feedback from building occupants, and compiling metrics to analyze and compare energy usage levels over time.

A key element of Taylor’s new energy efficiency strategy is the installation of BioPCM in the walls and ceilings of buildings at their El Cajon campus. BioPCM is a bio-based thermal storage solution that is made in the USA. It provides a thermal mass that absorbs internal and external heat gains during the day. At night, the material solidifies and releases the latent heat that was absorbed during the day. BioPCM thus passively manages thermal loads and reduces the need for active climate control solutions such as HVAC systems.

“Taylor Guitars is well-regarded in the community as not only a pillar of excellent business, but as a leader in sustainable practice,” said Kristen Victor, CEO and founder of Sustainability Matters. “Their leadership is obviously committed to producing a quality product in the most sustainable way possible. We are proud to be partnered with them in a continued effort to improve their sustainable practices.”

The Taylor Guitars headquarters project is one example of the way Sustainability Matters partners with leaders in innovation and sustainability to develop cutting-edge strategies for reducing energy and water usage while increasing occupant comfort. For more information and case studies, look for the case studies on the front page of our website.


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