Sustainability Matters adds Chief Technology Officer

Genko_casual_photo_smallSustainability Matters is excited to announce that it has acquired MV Automation, a cutting-edge building optimization solution, and hired its inventor, Genko Ganev, as partner and chief technology officer.

MV Auto® allows building managers to monitor and calibrate the performance of a building in real time. Sensors installed throughout a building’s systems are linked to a cloud-based server that compiles reports on energy and water efficiency.

“When you call a building ‘green’ or ‘energy efficient,’ you have to be able to prove the performance,” Ganev said. “You can’t just claim something is efficient — you have to show in practice, once it’s built, how efficient the building really is compared to expectations. That’s what MV Auto® allows us to do.”

Sustainability Matters has been working with Ganev as a consulting partner for two years, and the MV Automation technology has been incorporated into a number of Sustainability Matters projects. Some examples include a Long Beach bank building that earned a LEED Platinum designation in 2014. Locally, MV Auto® has been used at High Tech Middle North County in San Marcos, the Patio on Goldfinch restaurant in Mission Hills, on three Wounded Warrior buildings at Camp Pendleton and the Balfour Beatty Construction office in Scripps Ranch.

In additional to revealing technical issues within a building, MV Auto® can also help show how human behavior affects the building’s performance. At one current project site, for example, the system revealed that a building was using too much energy on air conditioning because people in the building were propping open doors.

MV Auto® capitalizes on recent changes in California’s building energy efficiency standards, known in the industry as Title 24. The latest version of these standards requires a building’s various systems to run on separate electrical circuits. This makes it easier to measure the electric usage of an HVAC system compared to a building’s lighting compared to plugs and outlets.

Students from the Lab to Market program at UC San Diego’s Rady School of Management are now working with Ganev to develop the next generation of MV Auto®. Designed to be even more cost effective than the current system, the forthcoming version of MV Auto® is poised to be widely adopted by building designers, especially in California where energy efficiency standards are higher.

Ganev was born in Bulgaria and studied mechanical engineering, following in the footsteps of his grandfather, who was an architect. Ganev moved to Canada, where he earned additional higher education degrees and established his career. He has 29 years of experience in HVAC engineering, optimization and project management and has worked in San Diego since 1997.

Including Ganev, Sustainability Matters has now grown to include eight professionals with a broad range of experience and expertise.


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