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Restorative and Regenerative Living Systems

I recently had the pleasure to spend an evening and following day with Bill Reed, principal of Regenesis Inc. and co-author of The Integrative Design Guide to Green Building: Redefining the Practice of Sustainability ,discussing the depths of integrative design … Continue reading

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Ecology and Commerce

In the past few weeks I have been surrounded and inspired by co-learners, all working towards the promise of business to increase the well being of human-kind through service, creative invention and ethical action. We have initiated a new era … Continue reading

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9 Strategies to End Corporate Rule

Amend the constitution to end corporate person-hood Dive into grassroots campaigns. Hold corporations accountable to our laws. Get past the propaganda. Support Indy media and keep the Internet free. Protect the commons Vote. Protect our democracy. Make your dollars matter. … Continue reading

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US Companies Cannot Compete with Countries

In President Obama’s State of the Union address he spoke to reviving manufacturing in America, which is a complex problem involving political parties, taxes, regulatory policies, exchange rates and educational skills.  When you move from high level policy to specific … Continue reading

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bioPCM Complies with Living Building Challege Materials Red List

“Increasing the thermal mass in buildings is one of the most overlooked solutions to our global energy crisis. In this sense Phase Change Materials represent an important part of our world’s future thermal management systems.” –Dr. Rusty Sutterlin, PCM Scientist, … Continue reading

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Bullitt Foundation Strives for Living Building Challenge Certification Lead by Miller Hull Partnership

An office building wearing what looks like a wide brim sun hat? It is a solar-panel array topping off the six-story home for the Bullitt Foundation, reflecting founder Dorothy Bullitt’s aspiration to turn the Pacific Northwest into a global model … Continue reading

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The Drive of Living Building Challenge is INNOVATION

FOR A VISIONARY PATH TO A RESORATIVE FUTURE. The Living Building Challenge is a certification program that defines the most advanced measures of sustainability in the built environment possible today.  Working collectively with The U.S. Green Building Council, The Living … Continue reading

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The Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Program Luncheon

SMPS hosted Architect’s Round Table From Ancient Fortress to City Skylines on February 22, 2012 An afternoon spent with the leaders of the San Diego‘s architectural culture discussing their strengths, the forward momentum of the economy and where the future … Continue reading

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The Original Platinum Office

After more than 10 years in operation, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation Philip Merrill Environmental Center became the first building in the nation to achieve LEED Platinum rating from the U.S. Green Building Council, and have provided a number of lessons … Continue reading

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Building Operations and Occupant Behavior

The next frontier in sustainable building will include  understanding the impacts of occupancy.  Designers strive to create energy-efficient buildings by controlling the physical features.  However, building operations and occupant behavior have to be addressed.  We are seeing technology tools to … Continue reading

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