Beautiful PB

beautifulPB is a public non-profit charity formed by a group of PB residents, businesses, and property owners who collaborate with the local community to create a sustainably beautiful Pacific Beach. The charity works to implement a number of community projects and programs that support the realization of a Pacific Beach EcoDistrict, a community committed to advancing sustainability by targeting eight performance areas: community identity, health and well-being, habitat and ecosystem, access and mobility, appropriate development, energy, water, and materials management.

The EcoDistrict’s mission is to become a model community within the City of San Diego and will be a place where people come together to set goals, define projects, engage in collaborative efforts, and raise the bar for sustainable practices that are mutually beneficial to residents, businesses and visitors. Encompassing the entire Pacific Beach community, the EcoDistrict’s policy and project endeavors are prioritized from a triple bottom-line approach, meaning that the community, environment and economy are all considered when resources are invested.

Ultimately, the EcoDistrict will strive to create viable and replicable case studies and models in order to lead by example in the areas of community engagement, restorative conservation and appropriate development. The Pacific Beach EcoDistrict is a collaborative initiative being undertaken by EcoDistrict Community Partners, each defining their individual roles in strengthening the community’s foundation.

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