Viridian at Casablanca

Built in the 1980s, Casablanca is a 39-acre, 500-home community, located in the southeast corner of Carmel Valley within the City of San Diego. Like most HOA communities, water is the largest expense. The community responded in a variety of ways, drastically reducing its water use and becoming a sustainability model.

In 2009, Sustainability Matters’ client, Viridian Corporation, developed and managed a water reduction project for Casablanca, including toilet and irrigation conversions throughout the entire property. Ninety-eight percent of the 1,000 toilets were converted to low-flow toilets, directly resulting in a 33 percent water reduction. Eighteen miles of site specific sub-surface in-line drip irrigation was installed with weather based irrigation controllers, which led to 35 percent reduction of irrigation water.

Additional strategies, including Living Landscape conversion and a Soil Fertility program, reduced annual operating and equipment usage costs by more than 50 percent, saving the HOA a significant amount of money. The community was thrilled by the successes and increased property values, and is now pursuing further the use of cutting-edge water recycling technology clearing the way for decentralized, on-site, non-potable reuse for 100 percent of Casablanca’s irrigation needs.

The used water would not go into the public sewer system. Instead, it would be recycled onsite at Casablanca and reused for non-potable irrigation purposes. A first for a private property in San Diego, Sustainability Matters is currently collaborating with the City of San Diego on the regulatory framework to allow this strategy to successfully be utilized.

Download Case Study PDF San Diego On-Site Water Treatment and Reuse Project Review