City National Bank Marina Pacifica

The bank’s sustainability agenda is led from the top down by CEO Russell Goldsmith, resulting in NetZero and LEED Platinum certification, and a model banking branch located in Long Beach, CA.

Circumstances requiring a retail branch relocation allowed City National Bank (CNB) to embrace the opportunity to create a new building with a sustainable design, technologies and materials.

Our team gathered information and provided analysis as we began to understand our client’s current energy usage strategy. Sustainability Matters worked closely with DNV GL- ENERGY and CNB to determine an energy design solution that included a NetZero energy goal. As the team analyzed typical energy usage with CNB’s prior solutions, we successfully concluded how best to maximize efficiencies with innovative design, technologies and system applications.

This collaborative approach resulted in accurate and reduced system sizing, minimizing construction costs, and first-year energy costs savings are expected to be $70,000. Our projected analysis showed $70,000 (energy cost savings) x 10 years (1/3 of lease term) at current market energy rates with an impressive 10-year savings of $700,000 per branch. Currently the CNB Marina Pacifica’s actual building performance is meeting and/or exceeding projected expectations.

Calibration and collection of accurate data is provided by the next generation of measurement and verification software from MV Auto. This software has proven to drive the building engineering optimization process with precise real-time data from individual systems, resulting in continuous calibration of systems and understanding where the inefficiencies lie within the building. The continuous collaboration of the CNB team keeps the building’s usage at the minimal amount of energy needed and returns the maximum amount of energy to the grid.

Additional designs, solutions and technologies integrated into the energy strategies of this project include insulated exterior panels, maximum SRI valued glazing, building overhang, natural daylighting, lighting controls – made economically viable through system size reduction during preliminary round of first costs of construction.

Water efficiency was valued in this project with native, drought tolerant plantings on the exterior, the capture of storm water used for irrigation, gray water reuse, and high efficiency fixtures.

Material reuse included teak wood ceilings, bank vault, furniture and ATM from previous location. One hundred percent waste diversion and carbon emission tracking was included.

Collaboratively the design team with CNB created a model retail bank branch that is a sustainable leader.

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