Easton Archery Center

Designing and building an Olympic archery center in Chula Vista, CA with geographic thermal demands and stringent airflow requirements was originally expected to be challenging….a challenge that proved not to be too tall for the Kiewit Building Group which created an innovative passive energy solution.


Kiewit lead with a collaborative approach, introducing the design and construction team to Phase Change Energy Solutions (PCES) a U.S. manufacturer of 100% bio-based phase change material. The Easton Archery Center successfully integrated the phase change technology into the roof assembly and exterior/interior wall assemblies, passively controlling the thermal heat gain, allowing reduction of mechanical system sizing and R-value of insulation. Expected ROI is less than 12 months on this project, resulting from energy usage reduction. To date, the mechanical systems have not been needed for heating and cooling the interior and the building has maintained a consistent internal temperature between 68-72 degrees.

EastonThis energy efficient design approach positions the Easton Archery Center to passively cool during the day, using no mechanical cooling or heating in the fall, winter and spring months. In the summer months, the strategy includes a shift to off peak mechanical cooling, allowing the phase change material to transition for maximum efficiency.

Sustainability Matters worked closely with PCES, Kiewit, the City of Chula Vista and SDG&E, analyzing energy efficiency benefits and determining the best strategies and solution-based applications, which included the use of bioPCM. The Easton Archery Center is an astute model of efficiency.


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