Equinox Center

The Equinox Center’s mission is to ensure a healthy environment, a strong economy and civic engagement for the San Diego Region. Their research and advances in innovative solutions are an effort to balance regional growth with our finite natural resources so that current and future generations living in San Diego County enjoy a superior quality of life because the region is a model for sustainability.

The Equinox Center is an independent, non-partisan, not for profit research and policy center (a think tank) that turns research into action to help the San Diego region achieve a more prosperous economy, healthy environment and outstanding quality of life for all its residents as it grows. Through in-depth research, policy analysis, communications, Equinox inspires, informs and engages the public and decision makers in crafting better solutions to our region’s growth challenges.

Equinox Center assists policy makers, community leaders and interested individuals in planning for the inevitable increased pressure on our energy and water supplies, housing infrastructure, natural areas, and transportation systems, while ensuring our region’s continued prosperity by:

  • Translating the best available scientific and economic research into practical solutions
  • Educating the public on our natural resource and sustainability issues
  • Developing usable metrics and tracking our region’s progress
  • Building strategic working relationships with key stakeholders throughout the San Diego Region
  • Providing expert resources for decision makers and public discussions
  • Working effectively with the media to get the Center’s message out
  • Remaining firmly objective, nonpartisan and independent


Healthy Environment: We stand for stewardship of San Diego County’s distinctive natural beauty and unique habitats: our land, water, climate, air quality, natural areas, beaches and our richly diverse ecosystems.

Strong Economy: We support a competitive economy that yields widely shared prosperity across our region. We believe the creation of well-paying jobs should provide real opportunities for success in every city and neighborhood, and should not jeopardize our air or water quality, nor our citizens’ health.

Vibrant Communities: We believe in fostering inspiring places that people like to live, work, and visit; communities that enhance the health, safety, and quality of life of our diverse population, respect local culture, use resources wisely, and provide convenient, reliable transportation options.

Inspired by these values, we are proponents for our region’s responsible growth and we support the conscientious care-taking of the natural and economic assets that we have inherited.

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