Swinerton SD HQ

The centerpiece of this project is a 1970’s industrial, single-story, mid-century architecturally-detailed building that is typically demolished in modern American culture. A thoughtful collaborative approach with intelligent design and innovative resources led to a NetZero San Diego headquarters for Swinerton Builders, which was awarded with LEED Platinum certification.

Prioritizing sustainability with an integrated design approach, Sustainability Matters and Swinerton strategized to efficiently provide natural daylight and material reuse to the 24,000 square-foot interior office space.

This regenerative building is a naturally lit workplace for Swinerton employees and guests. The long-term benefits include economic and environmental resiliency, positioning Swinerton as a leader within the sustainable building industry.

Locally supplied, reused barn wood brings a richness and raw beauty to the lobby, company signage, interior work spaces and feature walls.

Our NetZero energy efficiency strategy included using daylighting with an active approach, using a US manufactured technology that intelligently tracks the sun, using a Photovoltaic (PV) powered GPS (Global Positioning System), topped with renewable energy, and photovoltaic roof panels.

The interior of the building maximizes diffused, natural sunlight while attaining no glare or thermal gain, providing daytime task lighting in lieu of electricity. This approach reduces energy usage with an innovative technology application, reducing the overall energy load and renewable investment needed to achieve a NetZero (uses no energy from the grid) building.

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