The Patio on Goldfinch

Gina Champion Cain, proprietor of the extraordinarily successful Patio brand, wanted a sustainable model for her restaurants. In collaboration with the Patio team and Carelton Management, Sustainability Matters led the integration of sustainability into most aspects of this restaurant, resulting in an efficiency model utilizing calibrated measurement and verification software (MV Auto), phase change materials, water savings, and material reuse strategies.

The Patio on Goldfinch is one of the most energy efficient restaurants in San Diego, according to SDG&E. The restaurant’s energy reduction strategies include analysis and understanding of occupant energy usage with solutions including natural ventilation with open air patios; temperature sensitive operable windows; daylighting; high efficiency mechanical systems; LED lighting; BMS system that collaborates with the MV system to maximize efficiency of all systems; and phase change material above the kitchen hard lid ceilings to control the thermal heat load.

Known for its planted walled patios, the Patio on Goldfinch uses water efficiency strategies along with foliage selection to minimize water use. The kitchen uses low water volume dishwashers that use steam to create energy efficiencies. All restrooms feature low water volume fixtures.

The Patio brand is known for reuse of materials. Sustainability Matter and PlanetReuse worked closely with Tecture, Lahina Architects and TSA Construction to maximize the reuse potential of the existing structure and reused materials found in the finished wood ceilings, walls and floors, furniture, lighting and accessories, and elsewhere.

The driving value of sustainability by a restaurateur and the collaborative design and construction efforts resulted in an industry leader with the Patio on Goldfinch. BTW…the food is fabulous, too!

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