Catalyzing Communities – 01/ 20

Catalyzing Communities – 01/ 20


How we are creating beauty, sacredness and connection in communities?

In mid-January, Michoacán, México was the gathering place for the first global Catalyzing Communities for A Regenerative Future workshop, in a series, held in the Spanish colonial village of Pátzcuaro. Collectively, our purpose is to develop actions helping communities empower their beauty and sacredness, through connections, while planning for a resilient future.

Pátzcuaro, México, is intentionally aligned with the Paris Agreement on Climate Control, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Mexico’s sustainable development policies and incentives, and the local Pátzcuaro’s Plan de Desarrollo Municipal. Mexico and world partners have committed to creating a global eco-community business model through goal setting, planning and strategic alliances for implementation at local levels, inclusive to all types of partnerships.

Kristen Victor of Sustainability Matters and co-founder of beautifulPB, a leader in visioning Catalyzing Communities for A Regenerative Future believes “the future of the human collective thrives within connected, balanced systems, creating an equity of beauty, sacredness, abundance and flow for all living things”.  A system that empowers communities and businesses to grow deep roots towards resilient futures, together.


We arrived on January 16, 2020 in Pátzcuaro, a Pueblo Mágico, at our lovely host site, Casa Werma, to continue the work Kim Nadel and Victor began in fall of 2019 in the central Mexico town, home to 95,000 people.

Pátzcuaro is a community of indigenous, Mexicans and extranjeros, many dedicated to regenerative living, and though impacted by population growth, economic waves and natural resource stresses, Pátzcuaro exudes extreme beauty from within their people, their surrounding natural environment and their unique economic culture.  

4 facilitators, 15 global participants, 70 local participants, local businesses, local non-profits, local universities, local government came together, work together, prioritizing the values; empathy, equity, gratitude, healing, humility, indigenous, listening, love, Mother Earth, resiliency and wisdom, in our work together.

Many local people, tribes, neighborhoods, organizations and academic institutions throughout the Lago de Pátzcuaro region for generations, have worked towards a sacred and beautiful regenerative future. The intention of this series of workshops is to empower the global doers to support and create a place offering to bring communities together, define common goals, build trust within and encourage long range resilient visioning, dreaming, planning and strategizing for multiple generations. 

In closing, Kim Nadel, co-leader in Catalyzing Communities for A Regenerative Future reflects on the 1st Global Workshop in January 2020;  “deeply rooted in culture and traditions, the Pátzcuaruan community is grounded, talented, and loving, yet feeling unheard. With mutual and humble openness, we are discovering their magic and their pain, and together we co-created with ‘corazon’, leaving an imprint of hope and first steps to real solutions. We will return soon enough, after this global crisis, to connect and continue our workshops  – and with gratitude to explore their community model to empower and inspire others to build on, dig deeper, and share knowledge, and ultimately make changes towards resilient and fertile solutions”.