Transcendence of Place consulting educates and prepares existing and emerging global leaders
around solutions that lie within their natural flow and empowers them to be influential advocates in
their communities, in their businesses and to drive structural change towards regeneration.


We develop online and in-person workshops to support our clients regenerative journey whether you
are a student, parent, teacher, consumer, concerned citizen, business owner, community developer,
artist, environmentalist, policy maker, politician and so many more.


through the discovery of value
alignment, with inclusivity tools,
and mindful resources,
we re-create and re-design place
of business and community.

Exploration of Depth

through the design of
thinking, using a unique
process of Q&A engagement,
we catalyze movement
towards transformation and

Inspirational Creativity

ignites the wonder and curiosity
of humanity, delivered through
diverse engagement
opportunities, growing individual
and shared experiences,
illuminating the richness in a
culture of community.
Destiny is moveable, shaping and influencing. Transformational Destiny happens through continuous
creative flow of outreach and storytelling, overflowing with intrinsic knowledge and adaptation offerings,
for our ever evolving world.