What if we considered love as a behavior rather than as a feeling?
Love languages remain highly discussed and for good reason.


Love Language #1 – Quality Time – Quality time is giving someone your undivided attention. Quality time can be a non-romantic, love language
expressed by anyone.


Love Language #2 – Words of Affirmation – Verbal communication that is encouraging, affirmative, active, and appreciative. Speaking and hearing
positive words more often than negative ones can activate the motivational
centers of the human brain, encouraging us to take positive action.


Love language #3 – Acts of Service – True leaders serve others before serving themselves. Unselfish service inspires people, as well as the
communities and families they impact, to be greater, to go beyond, to


Love Language #4 – Gift Giving – How do you receive and give love? Both the giver and the recipient benefit from the act of receiving and giving.
Our world could use more love and less hate. Spread love everyday.


“Where love is concerned, too much is not enough”
– Pierre de Beaumarchais, 1784

“ When we learn with

pleasure, we never forget ”


– Albert Mercier

“ The river is everywhere”



-Herman Hesse