Community Development

Community Development Consulting

As a certified EcoDistrict Accreditated Professional and LEED Neighborhood Development expert,  Sustainability Matters provides the strategic intelligence to create sustainable communities  and/or sustainable development projects.

beautifulPB Learning Center Opens December 14, 2018

In collaboration with JNFinancial, beautifulPB, the governance body for the Pacific Beach EcoDistrict has created a sustainable Main Street store front model and Learning Center for the community to better understand the imperatives and priorities of the PBEcoDistrict and the future vision of the main street, Garnet Avenue

PBEcoDistrict Advisory Board

As part of the EcoDistrict formation, the leading community organizations will hold 2 appointed seats at the Advisory Board,  creating a community voice with engagement of all populations and demographics within the neighborhood

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EcoDistrict Certification consulting

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We Will Build Vibrant, Thriving Places Where We All Want to Work and Live

Within every neighborhood (or district) there lies the opportunity to design truly innovative, scalable solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing city makers today: income, education and health disparities; blight and ecological degradation; the growing threat of climate change; and rapid urban growth. The Protocol and EcoDistricts Certified guide city makers to take a collaborative, holistic, neighborhood-scale approach to community design to achieve rigorous, meaningful performance outcomes that matter to people and planet.

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