Let’s Create a Building Block for the Future of San Diego

Let’s Create a Building Block for the Future of San Diego

We are urban change makers, reimagining the future of the Sports Arena/Midway-Pacific Highway Community.  The City of San Diego is empowered to support the advancement of a new model of urban regeneration and community development rooted in the relentless commitment to authentic collaboration with social, ecological and economic innovation.

Collectively, we have the expertise to re-create space where we expand broader views of interconnectedness and explore the possibilities of re-designing our communities, though political, historical, ecological and spiritual powers from the neighborhood up with the following core values:

  • Neighborhoods are the building blocks to a sustainable San Diego
  • Everyone deserves to live and explore healthy, safe, connected and vibrant communities
  • Economic opportunity, community well-being and ecological health are fundamental 
  • Neighborhood sustainability requires a new model for action – rooted in collaboration and greater inclusion, to co-create innovation.
  • Democracy is essential to sustainable neighborhood development

Human scaled neighborhoods with appropriate density and urban amenities, using sports and wellness are vital economic threads.

Historically an area of tidal marshes and flats, traveled by the Kumeyaay people and later recognized for San Diego’s history in sports and the sportsman Robert Breitbard, the Sports Arena community has ecological, historical, political and spiritual roots to grow from and strengthen.

The City of San Diego Midway_Pacific Highway Community Plan, updated in 2018, has tremendous goodness and alignment with our initial collective thoughts.   

The community plan calls for “a strong public realm and unique districts and villages connected through a system of landscaped streets to Mission Bay, the San Diego River, and San Diego Bay, and to traditional and nontraditional parks within the community to enhance community character and livability.  These are the branches of connectivity to place.

A Center of Economic Activity. A sub-regional employment center with employment land for the development of office and research uses that can provide jobs in proximity to residential and commercial uses and transit will support the economic viability and attractiveness of the community.  Economic prosperity is vital to the pulse of this opportunity.

A Complete Mobility System. A mobility system that provides options for people to walk, ride a bicycle, take transit, or drive will support the economic growth and identity of the community and enhance its livability and character.  Carbon Neutrality is our future.

A Place Connected to its Context and to the Regional Recreational and Open Space Areas. The reestablishment of connections to the Presidio, San Diego Bay, Mission Bay and the San Diego River, and integration of Midway – Pacific Highway with the surrounding communities.”  The richness of our San Diego cultural integration opportunities are limitless.

With application of the many resources and tools available to elevate the current Community Plan into the re-design of the Sports Arena/Midway-Pacific Highway neighborhood with aligned core values, such as;  place, prosperity, health + wellbeing, connectivity, living Infrastructure and resource restoration – a just, resilient and sustainable neighborhood could be the outcome, a critical building block for the future of San Diego.  

The Sports Arena Community:  A vibrant, thriving place where all can live, work and enjoy.