Water Innovation brings San Diego closer to Israel

Water Innovation brings San Diego closer to Israel

Kristen Victor, founder of Sustainability Matters and Susan Lapidus, Director of the UCSD School of Rady, U.S.- Israel Center successfully organized a water innovation conference held in San Diego between local officials and Israeli representatives, in which participants discussed the possibility of cooperation in the field of water technology innovation.

The conference was attended by San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Prof. Robert Sullivan, dean of the UC San Diego Rady School of Management.  Both Faulconer and Sullivan sought to learn directly about Israel’s experience in overcoming the challenges of drought.

San Diego, which is located in southern California and is home to 1.3 million people, has been suffering from an ongoing drought for the last decade, leading to serious problems in a resilient water supply.  The acute drought has led Californian officials to place an increased focus on trying to solve San Diego’s water problems.

A number of representatives from Israeli companies working in the California region were invited to the conference, including Mark Lambert, CEO of IDE Americas which recently established a seawater desalination facility in the area, and Dr. Maya Shimshoni of the BIRD Foundation for binational research between the US and Israel.

Zohar Yinon, CEO of the Gihon Company, presented participants at the conference with the structural changes and reforms in the Israeli water system that he was a part of, and also gave a survey of the work being pursued in implementing new water technology in California.

Integrating a knowledge center and incubation of innovation with long-term economic success in Israel, Southern California and beyond, Israel and San Diego have much to learn and share with each other and worldwide. 

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